Toyota Service Department

Nestled on the eastern skirts of the California Bay Area, this family-owned auto dealership has celebrated over 30 years of successfully selling new Toyotas. From local drivers to further state residents, this store has little trouble finding buyers for their cars. However, finding and retaining customers for their on-site service center proved to be a different challenge completely.  

WinnowPro was first introduced to this dealer through their automotive partners who provided software solutions for this Toyota store’s Service Department -- a center with services for all auto repair and maintenance needs (i.e., repairs, oil changes, etc.). The Service Department had at the time been working with a different digital marketing agency to run their paid advertising, but was dissatisfied with the return on investment. The impact of lack-luster performance resulted in the store’s continuous struggle to acquire new leads for its service center and increasing risk of falling behind to its competitors.   

Frustrated with the outcomes, the Toyota store took a break from their current agency and instead asked WinnowPro to step in, giving WinnowPro the opportunity to showcase its digital capabilities. Over the course of a 30-day trial, the WinnowPro team analyzed the top web traffic-producing zip codes for the store, and excluded the top two zip codes from its paid Google ads -- essentially allowing it to conduct targeting effectively.   

After listening to their past challenges, WinnowPro primarily focused its strategy on C2C campaigns and search engine campaigns during a 30-day campaign. WinnowPro was integrated into the backend of the dealer so it could see the outcome for the calls (e.g., did a lead speak with a service rep, schedule an appointment, show up for their appointment, and submit payment). WinnowPro was also able to verify the type of customer from three basic groups:   

  1. Lost Souls - previous customers who have not revisited the dealership in the last 8-36 months -- most difficult to attract. 
  2. New customers - no previous affiliation with the dealership -- difficult to attract. 
  3. Existing Customers - return customers for the dealership --- least difficult to attract. 

This collection of data allowed WinnowPro to evaluate and create a new targeted advertising campaign for the dealer. After just one month of partnership, the Toyota service center generated $40,900 in net revenue using WinnowPro’s strategy and tools, having spent just $2,000 on the advertising - delivering a 20x return on investment for the dealership.  

Could your dealership benefit from a 20x ROI? Take WinnowPro for a test drive and get started today. 

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