6 Effective Social Media Strategies for Car Dealerships

Alex Suprun
January 3, 2023

The car business is ever-evolving. With that, you should keep your car dealership's digital strategies up to date. Since social media is the most powerful tool used to propagate your brand and bring in sales, upgrading your social media strategy regularly is necessary. Here are some Effective Social Media Strategies for your Car Dealership if you want to build or boost your online presence.

1. Add Value to Your Customer's Life With Social Media Content

Good social media content is obviously the most important aspect of your  strategy. However, uploading a few posts here and there will not do the trick. You need to build your social media strategy around your customers' most often-asked questions, pain points, and factors that keep them from buying from you. If you develop your dealership's social media content around this idea while keeping their concerns and needs in mind, you will be able to gain their trust and build credibility on social media. Now, what do increased trust and credibility do? You get more leads. Simple!

2. Ask for  Car Reviews and Testimonials

Good reviews show credibility, and sharing them on your social media is another excellent way to establish trust with your customers. Consumers today take reviews seriously. They will be confident in learning if they see positive reviews on your social media and other sites like Google and Yelp.

3. Do at least Five Things Everyday for Your Automotive Social Media

If you want to stay on top of your social media game, it is good to take some time every day to do at least five activities from the below-mentioned list that will add value to your platforms.

Here are some examples:

  • Like a post.
  • Share industry-related news.
  • Comment on a post.
  • Publish a story or image.
  • Google comments and reviews about your dealerships.
  • Share an article on your blog.
  • Ask for a review.

4. Create Effective Car Dealerships Videos and Posts to Drive Sales

Content is king for attracting followers on your social media platforms. Introducing yourself is one of the best ways to connect with your audience. Record a video that is short enough to introduce yourself and your dealership. You can also create videos addressing frequently asked questions of your customers and post them on social media by completing a specific FAQ section. Consumers are interested in video content these days, and you can make various kinds of videos to keep your audience engaged.

If you think you are stuck and are not getting the right ideas for your content, let us help you with a few:

  • Car features
  • Tech and safety equipment included
  • Colors of a car
  • Car care tips
  • Trim levels
  • Financing Information
  • Specials on your page
  • Do a video demo of a new car
  • Post screenshots of your customer testimonials.
  • Showcase a vehicle and its notable features.

These are just a few ideas. There are various ideas an automotive dealership can use related to their industry. Just remember to keep your videos crisp and to the point. Distribute these videos on your social media channels.  

If your content adds value to a consumer's life, they will deem you reliable.

5. Join Groups as A Part of Social Media Marketing

Another good way of interacting with your customers is by joining Facebook and LinkedIn groups. You can share your knowledge on these groups, share engaging content from your blog and comment on what you think is relevant! Some of the best conversations happen on LinkedIn industry-specific groups.

Here are a few ideas for sharing in these groups:

  • Upcoming events you are hosting – You can share any events you are sponsoring. This is a great way to get free publicity for the same.
  • Local news is relevant to your audience- You can post anything fun and informative about your industry.

6. Target Professionals On LinkedIn

If you want to target professionals, you can do that through LinkedIn. LinkedIn has proved to be as effective as Facebook or Twitter in producing quality leads for the automotive industry. If you want to reach top professionals and sell them your luxury-level cars, there is nothing better than LinkedIn. To begin with, you can contact an extensive network of people on Linkedin. You may also join a group and become an active part of conversations.

You can also create various ads on Linkedin with Facebook and Instagram. Some ads include sponsored mail ads, Mail Ads, Display ads, and Dynamic ads.

Keep your ad copy short and crisp to attract your user's attention. Make sure you use high-quality images. Depending on your budget, you can set the price based on CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per thousand) you desire to achieve. One LinkedIn hack is posting polls to create further engagement.

Additional Points to Consider for Your Social Media Post:

  • Create relatable content. Only some things should be promotional. Sharing engaging content through your social media platforms is a more effective way to get more audience than just posting car-related content.
  • You can also offer a coupon or incentive for liking or sharing a post or event as a part of your automotive social media strategy. You can also ask your customers to share their email addresses in exchange for a small incentive to increase your customer base.
  • Engage with social media audiences by replying to their doubts and queries and thanking them for commenting or appreciating.
  • Track your social selling by consistently collecting data about your lead quality, engagement rate, follower quality, and growth rate.
  • Document good things you do as a social responsibility. This will help your audience in engaging with you.

When done correctly, your social media pages will help you get an enormous amount of leads and appointments that will result in higher revenue. If you are still trying to figure out how to get started with the perfect social media plan, let us help you! Contact us today for a free no-obligation call!

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